Swift Documentation Generator

Does anyone here have an interest in an application to automatically generate documentation for an Xcode/Swift project?

I had tried Jazzy in the past, but can’t seem to get it to work with Catalina anymore (keeps complaining about missing manifest)… Not to mention I didn’t really like the output format all that much :slight_smile:

So I am writing my own, unlike Jazzy which uses Xcode to generate various files it needs, mine will simply analyze the text of the code…

So far I have it successfully parsing an Xcode project and dumping the relevant bits to a text file. The next step will be to create a relation database from which it will create either a Markdown or HTML document. …

This app is written 100% in Swift

The name might get you in trouble

I dont have use for such a thing at this point in time (not to say never though)

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eh… .names are easy to change… Ragtime was a play on “Jazzy”

So it could be “Dizzy” ? :stuck_out_tongue:

well… could be… but not :slight_smile: