Swift : `Designed for iPad` vs `Designed for iPhone`

When creating an iPhone/iPad app using Xcode/Swift you have the above options. The last one will create a version of the app the can run on an “M” series Mac.

Notice it says (Designed for iPad), If I remove iPad as a target, this changes to (Designed for iPhone)

It is ALWAYS for iPad if iPad is one of the targets

if for iPad the macOS version “emulates” an iPad 12.9" at 1024x1366
if only for iPhone it emulates an iPhoneSE at 375x667

So, does anyone know how to control WHAT the mac version emulates?
I would like to keep iPad as a target, but I want the macOS version to use the SE metrics

curious why your want to run it at such low resolution ?

even emulating an iPhone SE the app is about the same as the Apple Mac Calculator

here is my app running as iPhoneSE along side the Apple Calculator

but showing as an iPad it is over 4x larger

filling the device screen is ok for “mobile”, but on desktop, it should be more of a “widget” that can be moved around as desired (tap the green bubble on mine and it goes FULL SCREEN)

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so you cant say its built for iPad and iPhone and macOS without the Mac defaulting to iPad size ?
And probably now way to know the solution of the device and restrict yourself to the smaller size when on macOS (although that seems a weird thing to have to do)

I’d have to poke around in Xcode to see if size classes “might” be appropriate but lord knows
This is a bit beyond what I’ve done so …

Will be curious if you find an answer

size classes do not affect the “screen size” which is basically what I want to be able to choose. Iphones and Ipads all of course have a fixed size depending on the device (UIScreen.main.bounds).

And it seems that Xcode/Swift chooses a base device for you.

If you only say “build for iPhone” it chooses the IphoneSE otherwise the 12.9" iPad and then the rest of the app “thinks” it is running on that device type.


and no obvious way to override that base device setting choice ?

also bummer

Bummer is right… I’ve spent hours searching, and can’t even find anything that confirms what I stated above, and as such nothing that indicates how to override/change it

maybe ?

great, but it is not a Catalyst app

I tried that option, and got a fatal error which indicatied I was trying to write a specific thing outside the sandbox … a key that I don’t even reference let alone write anywhere

bummer … I’m just poking at anything that even seems remotely possible