Swift Crash :(

I am writing a DB application in Swift (using SQLite)… and having a problem that I can seem to track down.

The use can add/delete/rename tables. This works fine until I delete the LAST table (leaving a database with no tables). Then the app crashes hard [Thread 1: EXC_BAD_ADDRESS (code=1,address=0x20)]

I have placed logging points thru out the code, figuring it was an array out of bounds or something (the user is presented with a table of available table names). But the messages stop right after it successfully removes the table.

Does anyone know a way to get a meaningful crash log from Xcode/Swift

this is the only other clue I seem to have


but since this is Swift… any object release is behind the seens and not initiated by any code I write

The issue was the “delete command” was coming from a contextual menu… it had not completely dismissed by the the time the msg box asking for confirmation attempted to display, or so it seems.
Visually it looked like it was working … but when I commented out the Msgbox… it didn’t crash

Above assumption was incorrect. The Msgbox I have is custom (not NSAlert) and I was not “closing” it properly.