Swift Chart/Graph Package

this is something I needed for another project, so I decide to go a bit beyond my basic requirements.
This code will produce

  • Line Charts
  • Scatter Charts
  • Pie Charts
  • Bar Charts (6 variations)

It includes Titles (left/center/right) as well a footers, optional legend that can be placed top/left/right/bottom as well as configuable linestyles and filltypes

Chart output can be routed to

  • PDF File (single page)
  • PNG File
  • returned as a UIImage to be handled by your own app

I still need to do some cleanup and some testing, then I will create a proper framework for it.
I also want to make it macOS compatible, with most is, but the PNG part isn’t (yet)


Pie with ONE dataset

Pie with TWO datasets

Pie with THREE datasets

Scatter Plot

Vertical Bar - Grouped

Vertical Bar - Stacked

Vertical Bar - 100%

Horizontal Bar - Grouped

Horizontal Bar - Stacked

Horizontal Bar - 100%


Now also does


Beautiful work !