Swift, C game start, paying gig

Develop game start, very simple, display ~desktop sized picture (game background), show clearly how to call a C function from this environment. Have it fit the budget to the point where it overcomes my laziness to RTFM and do this myself. :grinning:

was there a question in there?

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Yes, I’m looking for a consultant to do what I’ve described. If this is not the place (Consulting) to post this 1000 pardons.

Its a perfectly good place to seek this kind of thing

To be clear you want to develop a game, in C, and have it display a desktop sized picture as the game background. The app to be written is a “starting point” ?
And you want examples of how to call C functions in this sample ?
Have I got that right ?

Any particular OS target ?
This one is kind of important as in C/C++ and whatever target OS you will end up using different UI frameworks for macOS, Windows & Linux

Thanks for this.
I want cross-platform, with Swift UI, with some example C functions so that I don’t have to figure out how to do this, one example and I’ll be on my way. Yes, starting point. iOS for iPad is my main target, but I will also be developing for iPhone, Mac Desktop, Windows Desktop, and Android.

you cannot have cross-platform AND SwiftUI…
SwiftUI is mac/ios only
and Swift is Swift , it is NOT “C”

C is cross platform. Swift is Mac/iOS/Windows with Android in process. You can call C from Swift and Vice/Versa.

yes “C” is xPlat
Swift is NOT… There is an open source for Windows which does not include a GUI that I know of, and to the best of my knowledge there is nothing in the Android arena at all.

So for the time being, don’t bet on using Swift for anything more that macOS/iOS

and also don’t confuse Swift and SwiftUI… while one is a subset of the other… SwiftUI is the newest, and doubtful that the Windows open-source project has even addressed that, since it is GUI oriented

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Google it.
I’m really not interested in discussing this further, and would like to see if anyone can do my base requirements.

We could do them all but not with swift. While not possible. And only while you do not want to discuss it will not change the facts.

Swift ui is not part of the swift open source pack. There swift ui ends up.

Swift is cross platform. I highly recommend checking out RemObjects and their free swift compiler.

Dave is correct though, SwiftUI is Apple platforms only.

Thanks Garry!

Interesting that you don’t want to discuss except Garry answers the same as others. Really smart and by the way showing a not acceptable behavior. You said you don’t want to discuss but you where wrong. Seems like only the answers of Xojo people are from interested for you. Welcome to the world and the reality

It is the place, it was just not clear enough.

Maybe not the best aproach… If you are into games only, maybe try with a platform that does the heavy lifting for you instead of reinventing the wheel?

Unity with C# for example, Godot maybe

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From what I gathered, @Jeff previously had an extensive collection of C routines for his game(s) that he wrapped in Xojo, and now he wants to apply this approach to other technologies. The initial question seemed to be whether someone could assist him, for a fee, in calling his code using Swift without having to read the manual.

However, the discussion became more unclear for me when it was implied that SwiftUI would also function on non-Apple platforms, which is, unfortunately, not accurate as others confirmed before.

What is that ?

command line toolchain

I spent a little time looking for SwiftUI implementations for non-Apple targets
This is the only one I found

There is another that is making SwiftUI for web

So it seems plausible that a multi target SwiftUI could be started and that I it can call out to C functions

I WILL say, this is not MY area of expertise but its a start

It could be started…wow. could means: not now. Has to be developed. That makes the project to a big deal as is.

the cosmo Swift UI is a dead end, the project was last touched before four years.

Most of the Web Swift UI is also last touched before four years.

And the Blog thread you cited is also 4 years old. There was nothing after. And nobody knows. does it work and what is in future

Apple certainly doesnt seem to have ANY motivation or reason to support such efforts

There seems to be little for anyone else as well

And YES an enormous pile of work for anyone to take on
SwiftUI just isnt x-platform. Not now. Maybe not ever