Swear words

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OK new topic as suggested
Oddly enough I recently listened to a quirks & quarks podcast that said swearing actually increased your ability to tolerate pain

wel )(_#()$!@_(*!#!@%#%#%!!!


Huh I could swear there is no plugin enabled to obfuscate swears but apparently you found one that is :stuck_out_tongue:

damn !

English middle class verbal expressions of xxxxx:-

damn and blast
oh gosh (oh my gosh!)
really!! (etc)
my goodness

lower class expressions of the same(yes there are different classes of people in the world, just accept it, we are not all the same thank goodness)
by eck (Yorkshire expression)
blooming ell (hell)
flipping heck
fuffin ell (f*****g hell)
fer fecks sake
piss off

loads more I know, and over in the UK there is a plethora of colloquial phrases equally meaningful.

does the rest of the world have these colloquial differences? not only for the naughty words!

No… what you see it what I typed :smiley:

I see I skipped the “sarcasm” tags in my post :slight_smile:

FWIW every time I try to lern at least a bit of some new spoken language it seems the first few words I often learn are

  • beer
  • washroom
  • and then a handful of swears :slight_smile:

Anyone else ?

EDIT : not always in that order but … sometimes it is

I must be wolverine or deadpool then!

I’ll be damned - Henry Higgins!


beer (wine)
cash machine
taxi, which pretty much seems to be ‘taxi’ in the handful of languages I use each month
doctor/pharmacy (gloves/masks/alcohol)

still only know one very rude word in Spanish which is so rude it makes me cringe thinking about it and I would never write it down.

Arstechnica also ran this, and I found it very amusing :slight_smile:

Ars ran the same thing about how swearing improves your ability to tolerate pain ?
Fun !