SQLite: Another row available

@thommcgrath checked the sqlite amalgamation and that definitely is a message in the sources
whats less clear is WHAT causes that to be reported as the error
SQLITE_ROW is error type that gives that specific message

However SQLITE_ROW is usually a success indicator (ie/ there IS a row)

The headers do suggest that an EXECUTE of a statement that was not intended to return rows can give that error
But that doesnt seem to be the case you have

Thanks. I actually have two statements that it’s been reported against, but they are both select statements.

its weird as that particular item is in the C code a LOT
makes it hard to narrow down what might be amiss

Could this be a clue?

Ime SQLite’s error messages can sometimes be too generic and a bit misleading. I had a case where I would receive an “unable to open database file” error but only in one routine out of dozens that were being performed on a schedule. It turned out the problem was the user account running my app didn’t have permission to access the OS’s TEMPDIR and SQLite wanted to create a temporary file. Setting the environment variable SQLITE_TMPDIR to a folder my app was allowed to access fixed the problem.

I do suspect some kind of corruption or unusual permissions may be a factor. Back on TOF I posted a bunch of content that may help, but I doubt it.