Spotlight Importer for Xojo, Zip, localizing your Xojo program

I thought I’d present a few Xojo based projects here that I worked on in the past years. Some are finished, but most are not. I keep wanting to release some of them as products (and earn money with them), but just don’t find the time to make the effort. If any of you want to help (and get either paid or become a partner), let me know.

Briefly, here are a few older works of mine that you may find useful:

A Spotlight plugin that lets you find methods, properties and classes by name inside binary projects:

Alternatively, here are some other ways to search in Xojo projects:

Here’s how to use my tool Arbed to automatically convert the text strings in your code into localizable constants:

My zip code that does everything in Xojo (with a few declares), and which has a few unique features that others don’t have, such as: Browsing items before extracting them individually, deleting items and compacting the zip file, reading the > 4 GB zip files macOS (Finder) creates.


I use @tempelorg Zip code in App Wrapper as it handles Japanese encoding flawlessly, which is more than I can say for the solution I was using before.

Not only that, IIRC I bought a license for the code, so it’s not another black box dependency in the future.

I also use Arbed when I archive a version of my application, so it brings all external objects at that time.

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