Spacetime distortion

Look: Xojo’s reality distortion field is so strong it alters spacetime just like a super-massive black hole does:

Try to get such features with any other available solution :-). Confirms my biggest issues with Xojo, unbelievable bugs on non-US (non-english systems) and unfortunately no one really taking those seriously at the Inc., though some employees are living abroad. Fascinating.

And what is particularly bad is that they are all mistakes that a beginner does not necessarily notice immediately, if at all.

Thos Bugs are making Xojo crap for using in any other state than US. It is … I don’t find words for it. And Xojo knows about it, I am sure. It is the same with Client time in Web 1.0. Delivers: the time system the client and calculates the client time. Should deliver: the client time. Solution: JavaScript which delivers client time and date. Wahaaa. Xojo Web 2.0…the same. And: Bug was reported. Crap if somebody asks me. Fully.

GP knows from me personally … perhaps it got forgotten to be cascaded into the team and I should have opened a feedback case. All my fault and of course … MBS to our rescue. A bit like Apple: our webcams are crap, but we have a nice 100 EUR gadget to mount your iPhone with a brilliant cam on your laptop :slight_smile:

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Xojo doesn’t have native version control integration. Who should care about timestamps?

Fo example somebody with an IOT Device which shall check if the Time is correct. Getting back the time but the wrong one helps immediately. So it had to be fixed. Crazy. Not for timestamp. and no, no other solutions available no internet no nothing, only the smalll IOT Server. Before you tell me you can use Time Servers. No, I can’t. And there I was with my short knowledge about the Bugs. Asking the inc…not helping, answer was: …should deliver the client time. Bug Report:yeah that was the best, could not be replicated. Sure when replicating on a System connected to the internet with the same timezone you get your own time which is correct. Wow. Okay, that was only a small excuse in one of many Bugs.

was the first successful bot the Inc. developed, followed shortly by “works as designed”. The latter is funnier though.

I think this is the relevant case #71509 - Time Zone bug since Xojo 2019 with classic Date properties in FolderItem still exists, despite others believing it got magically fixed. (closed)


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Let me say this
As a former dev there being able to replicate a bug was vital
And sometimes it was very difficult to get decent steps to reproduce a bug
Thats one reason we started asking for video clips of how to reproduce
That did make things easier as it then was more obvious if there was something not mentioned in the steps to reproduce that was critical to exposing the bug
It didnt always make it easy to reproduce though

But we still got lots of reports that even with the video and steps we still could not reproduce the bug

I cant say I recall this 50 minute offset one though
Thats such an odd delta offset

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Ah closed as “wont fix because its deprecated” basically

I dont recall what API it used to get the old date values and maybe thats the culprit where the newer date time uses a newer api

Which then is funny as they haven’t fixed the IDE to use the newer properties ?

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I agree, we all know that, or let’s say we should know it, the pros definitely as it is our daily job that someone is complaining that “something” is not working in our software, but sometimes not even stating what “something” means.

Nonetheless, on more than one occasion, I have the feeling that Xojo asked for more info just out of principle. And that’s annoying when you go to the trouble of producing a video or screenshots, etc. Especially if a few minutes later you get a “not reproducible” or an “open a feature request” or some other weird comment.

If their feedback would have been different, e.g. bad video, we don’t understand anything, we can’t see anything, then it would have been more believable - that’s why it always looked to me, like someone had just quickly set a flag and moved on.

Issues have probably gotten better now, because at least the feedback app doesn’t crash every 0.5 seconds, that was the other pain, all followed by the suggestion to find other user to get your painpoints upvoted :-). What, your car engine is broken? No prob, please find a few other buyers, if you’ll find enough we might look deeper at it …

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Issue not actionable. It seems to be established policy to not making connections between issues. That tells it all.

I thought these timestamps (Creation, Modification etc) were controlled NOT by Xojo, but by the underlying File System in the OS (be it macOS, Windows or Linux)

The timestamps are controlled by OS. I tested just and saw: Date and Time of Files written by Xojo are correct. But not the rest :slight_smile:

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The offset of 50 minutes is fascinating in Xojo Country. If we look at this:

then the Chatam Islands are somehow the closest, but still 45 minutes only, still 5 minutes miracle time missing.

Must be Pluto, or Mars time, or the Xojo distorsion field? Perhaps Xojo is so fast that it is running away from all physical laws known to mankind?


Chatham Islands covers 793.87 km2 and had an estimated population of 800 as of June 2022.

Source: wikipedia

800 people, so probably at least 5 to 10 of them and 1 penguin using Xojo … might that be an explanation?

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They are handled by the OS
But somehow magically Xojo is returning the WRONG ONE - OFF BY 50 MINUTES ?
THATS bizarre
It HAS to be related to what API they used

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CrappyWare Solutions. Something went wrong . Happy that I have non of this nonstop nonsense bugs with java at all. Running like a Charm for all applications and a workhorse for desktop on all platforms. And not the pseudo native idea without taking care of the platform differences…btw not cross platform but a nonsense looking on technical needs. On mobile with native compiled xcode project for iOS and native compiled android and for the web you can choose between more then ten web frameworks.

All time somebody telling java is not the Software for every project I start to laugh loud. Why? Because we have all kinds of projects and all kinds of solutions. Written with java starting from windows service and ending with high end medical 3d graphics application. And people telling me that Xojo can do better. Sorry. It is what I can see more buggy then expectable. People deciding to use commercial are not doing a good decision but a dangerous one.

Xojo math is the next joke. It has to many problems for a tool long time as das as I can see. And the rescue? Get the bugs down 80%. It is not comparable with the bugs in Java or c++. Cause there is no showstopper. As you can see in Xojo world there are tons of them.

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Small typo here? I believe you wanted to write “more buggy than acceptable”?

In my experience, Xojo never disappoints with the number of bugs and tends to overdeliver on this matter …

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You watched me in this case Jeannot. I wanted to be a bit sarcastic … you know I try to do that …