Sonoma thoughts

What do you think of the Sonoma betas so far. I’m especially interested by the fact that they were made public from day one.

Does it seem like they really did slow down and fix some bugs?

Edit: Not that they care about bug reports, which is why I thought it interesting they were opening it up to a wider range of testers so early.

I personally don’t even look at new OS for like a year after its release. And to be honest all these things like Stage Manager and the like, they hold zero interest. I’m concerned witll it run what I need it to run when I need it to run it

Like you, for my main Mac, I don’t install new OSes until the next one comes out, so I’ll move to Ventura soon. I also need to do so for SwiftUI…

But for my testing Mac, I’ve been testing Sleep Aid on Sonoma, and so far it seems stable. I may have found a sleep related bug already. The Mac woke to display a notification and didn’t go back to sleep, there were 3 different Apple helpers holding it in darkWake, including the pushNotifications daemon.

It was the need for an updated XCode to be able to test apps on a real ios16 device the pushed me to go to Ventura which I did just a few months ago… but it had already been out for quite a long time already.

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Sadly the book I read uses some SwiftUI that doesn’t exist in Monterey. :frowning: The author even points it out. I guess when I go all in on SwiftUI, I’ll have to adopt a release schedule like other developers and that’s only supporting the current version of the macOS :frowning:

Once Sonoma is released, I’ll be cutting back to a maximum of 5 versions of the macOS. App Wrapper will only support 4, but that’s more Apple’s call more than mine.