SOLVED: ComboBox on Windows: two different lists?

I’m implementing a selection box for countries in my app.

the code is exceedingly simple:

I have a module Info with a property ListOfAllCountires() as String

The code in the ComboBox is very simple:

Sub Open() Handles Open
  me.AddRows Info.ListOfAllCountries
End Sub


Sub TextChanged() Handles TextChanged
// delete all rows in array 

If Me.Text = "" Then
  Me.AddRows Info.ListOfAllCountries
  Dim selStart As Integer = Me.SelStart
  For Each country As String In ListOfAllCountries
    If InStr( country, Left(Me.Text, selStart ) ) > 0 Then 
      Me.AddRow country 
    End If
End If
End Sub

On the Mac it works as expected and typing Ger shows the following countries:


However on Windows 10 it just shows the countries STARTING with Ger (with autocomplete enabled) or nothing (with autocomplete disabled - it also deletes the entered text).

Interestingly while with autocomplete enabled the automatic drop down shows everything starting with Ger, clicking on the show part of the ComboBox shows the correct four countries.

Any way to disable the automatic menu on Windows???

By “automatic menu” do you mean “autocomplete”?
Me.AutoComplete (or Me.AllowAutoComplete if you’re using r2+) = False

I can confirm this behaviour.

When AllowAutoComplete is False (default) then (at least on my Windows 10 VM), the control is broken. The text you type gets deleted as you type. This must be a bug.

If AllowAutoComplete is True then, as you say, it correctly displays countries starting with the letters you type but doesn’t detect matches within the countries, unlike macOS which does. The behaviour on Linux matches Windows 10.

Feedback bug report: feedback://showreport?report_id=59034.

Garry, if you type Ger and click on the down triangle then a menu with the correct four countries shows (eg Algeria, Germany, Niger, Nigeria).

I think basically the ComboBox shows both the system menu and on clicking shows the Xojo menu.

Is Xojo’s implementation even using the native ComboBox?

I’ll try to upload an animated gif tomorrow.

P.S. I suspect that SelStart is incorrect (a long standing Xojo bug on Windows). Can’t test until tomorrow.


The feedback link doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t show any URL.

Not sure why that is. I’ve put the absolute URL in the text.

Well, the problem is not SelStart.

Typing in the ComboBox:

Clicking on the down arrow of the ComboBox:

Any idea on how to disable that first one or modify it???

Maybe I should do it the M&X way and call it a feature? :wink:

59038 - Combobox on Windows seems to have two different lists

Btw if you type a character in the ComboBox with autocomplete OFF then

if me.text = "" then

is true and the character is deleted (so it is impossible to enter any text).

That ComboBox is a mess.

Yep - it’s not in a great state. I including the deleting of test in my feedback report.

Just found a workaround.

Set autocomplete to true in the IDE.

In the ComboBox Open event: me.AutoComplete = False

The system list is no longer shown.

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Ummm… did you “find” it in my reply to you (the first reply to your OP)? :wink:

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Ok, extended quotes are broken?


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would think that needs to be reported to the powers that be IF it were an issue
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IF there is any issue it looks like the [/quote] has to be on its own line

This seems really wrong to have to do this using this form
Make sure you add that to the bug report as that just seems SOOOO wrong

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Another test…

@npalardy FTW


Your answer was missing the important info that you need to set autocomplete to true in the IDE AND turn it off in the open event (as counter-intuitive as that may be).

But playing around I came to the same conclusion (by which time I had forgotten about what you wrote).

But thanks for the correct answer.

You can just set the property in the IDE, you don’t have to do it in the Open Event, do you?