Solve path between 2 cells

  1. given a grid where random cells are either 0 or 1
  2. given a starting cell (the value will be 0) call it [X,Y]
  3. given an ending cell (also 0) call it [X1,Y1]
  4. find the shortest path between [X,Y] and [X1,Y1] traveling only on cells that are 0
  5. note … there may NOT be a path and this too needs to be captured

the path need not be a straight line and in most cases will not be

well the answer is
the A* Algorithm

now to find an example I can adapt :slight_smile:

Ha! I asked POE.COM (an AI) to write one… .and it did… and it compiled…
now to see if it works.

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Take a look at this Dave:

All of Amit’s stuff is top notch.

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no no no… the Air Force has its own Algorithm :wink:

The code written by actually worked… I had to make one tiny adjustment to get it to fit the rest of the code in my app… Color me impressed

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AI coding is kinda like doing a google search and clicking the “I’m feeling lucky” button. I LOVE it. PHPStorm give me suggestions as I type code and sometimes the suggestion is better AND more consistent than what I planned to do.

The result needs to be verified either way… :slight_smile:

I’ve had pretty good results with Go code too. I asked for something specific with replacing a string in a pattern and I assumed it would give me a RegEx pattern. It did not. So when I asked for RegEx version it gave me one that doesn’t work in the normal Go library. And in the long run I ended up using something similar to what it originally gave me.

So yeah, I think it’s just a better search engine that puts it in an easier format. In the long run you still have to debug it and approve of the results.


just try with Python code… pretty impressive