So Geoff met you all?

Geoff posted:

I have met in-person all but one of those that have been banned and to my knowledge they rarely if ever acted in real life in the same way they did that resulted in being banned.

As I never met him in person I guess that would be me he is talking about, but just for the record: I am as outspoken in real life as I’m on the forums.

But I guess that means he met all the other banned people. … :thinking: … so meeting “ze bug boz” is obviously not wise for Xojo users …

Yeah I met him and had dinner with him and Travis a number of years ago… And yes, he came across as arrogant then… .a trait that has gotten worse over the years

Geoff: “We have no problem with constructive criticism”

His reaction to my xDev article says otherwise … :roll_eyes:

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my point exactly

Looks like you missed the conferences with Geoff in Berlin or Munich.

Geoff has a lot of excuses.

He only wants to talk in person or on the phone to discuss issues. He doesn’t like email or posting on the forums though.

When we spoke on the phone and in person Geoff focus on talking me off the ledge but rarely addressed the issues directly.

Geoff is the issue, not the “whiners”. Geoff chose to not embrace the pros but instead reject them. Instead, he got some lackeys aka MVP as a insulator.

It took me a while to realize that Geoff won’t change. I wish I noticed years earlier.

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The things I supposedly got banned for I’ve said to geoff in person, in forums and in emails

But I cant say that ON their forums so Geoff gets to spin whatever version of reality he wants to

I am also in REAL LIFE like I am here and in Xojo Forum. There is no difference.

So, thinking about what Geoff said, that means that he knows what we’re all saying, but he just won’t respond in the same medium. Instead he’s trying to act like a tough guy and “say it to my face”.

We did say it to his face on his own forums using our own photos and our own names.

Geoff, how about just communicate with your customers and stop making excuses???

And XDC’s and …

It’s been said. More than once.

What annoys me most about that post is that geoff has jammed all his personal impressions of me, right wrong and otherwise, into that post and stated that his belief and characterizes me as what might be described as two faced - one way online and another in person.

And then I have no way to reply - except here

Geoff should know after all the years he’s known me that I WOULD indeed say those things I have posted to his face. Some I have.

I am the same opinionated SOB here as I am in person - ask Markus & Thomas :slight_smile:
Or Bob :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you are reading too much into it Norman, I don’t think he’s calling you two faced at all. Geoff’s use of “rarely” in the middle of the 4th sentence is his admittance that some people have acted to him in the same way on the forum as in person. Who’s to say what he thought about this person when they did this, but I understand that if that is against forum guidelines then the person can be banned whether or not they also did it in person.

Regarding Geoff’s post I personally don’t like the part “Treat other people the way you expect to be treated.” and I was going to bring it up on the forum, but quite frankly I can’t be bothered as it will serve no other purpose than to point out yet another time when what they say and what they do are so diametrically opposite.

In my humble opinion, Geoff has treated some users of his software terribly, people who have invested incalculable time, effort and money into his product, people who have supported and promoted his product over large portions of their life, people who have persevered through good times and bad, through new features and new bugs. He’s turned his back on people that have virtually and physically stood by him leading to some of those people turning away from the product as they have been put in an irreparable situation.

He’s engineered the situation where by people, who have in the past, been civil and respectful of the changes and position that they have been placed in, but there comes a point when some people can no longer acquiesce to the situation that have been placed in, if you push people to their limit, something will ultimately snap.

If people have taken the time to communicate with Geoff either in person, email or telephone and they still feel that their concerns haven’t been adequately addressed then they will understandably take to a public forum to air their grievance and as is quite often when this is done, change can and does happen as can be seen throughout history (I’m not just talking about xojo here).

From what I understand, the only support they will give Web 1.0 is as a result of a browser change which renders the product unusable. Leaving Web 1.0 with critical flaws that fall outside of this support remit is in my eyes an abhorrent thing to do considering up until the last minute, multi-year customers, some with large users bases were under the impression that this product would receive more support than has ultimately been provided. To me, this isn’t a way I would treat my customers but I guess everyone’s understanding of “Treat other people the way you expect to be treated.” is different.


“He doesn’t like email or posting on the forums though.”

Just other vendors’ forums.

Apparently the LiveCode people have a much more accepting policy than he does; as far as I can tell he’s never been banned or even censored there.

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It is curious that he goes on to other companies forums and posts about his product - which doesnt get removed
But if the Livecode folks went on his forums they would

Cant deny that possibility exists.
The wording just has that feel from my perspective.