Sleep Aid features on mjtsai blog

I wrote an article about “Hot Bag MacBooks” and how Sleep Aid can help diagnose the cause and Michael linked to it on his blog.

Quite an accomplishment to have Michael talk about your app or document you’ve created.

Sleep Aid was also featured on The Eclectic Light Company’s site a little while ago. Dealing with the insomniac Mac – The Eclectic Light Company


Actually isn’t this at least the second time Michael Tsai has mentioned Sleep Aid?

Congratulations and kudos to you as this is quite an accomplishment! :smiley: Now you just need Gruber to catch on as well.


Thank you Patrick.
I thought this was the first time, but I’ll double check.

It was featured on the ATP podcast.

Gruber… Yeah that would be cool as then it would have been featured on all the prominent Mac sites :slight_smile:

Ah you know what, you’re right! It’s the first time for Michael Tsai’s “blog” and what I was vaguely remembering was Howard Oakley’s blog from earlier this summer.

In any case, this is all great coverage and I’m truly happy for you. It’s not very often that Xojo apps make it big in the mainstream Apple community so in my eyes you’ve made it! Now if only you could get an Apple Design Award. :grin:

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Thanks Man.

Lol, that would be awesome, but the App Store team don’t want it on the App Store and AFAIK only apps on the App Store can win a ADA.

More like Apple doesn’t want to award you for proving their everyone-gets-a-trophy designers can’t build a good operating system that goes to sleep when told.