Site down notification

I’ve been using the free uptime robot service for a while, but I need something more legit now.
I’d like to know what others that have websites are using to notify them that their sites are down.
I’ve heard about and

Just wondering what others are using? ?

Is that what you’re using, @samRowlands ?
What do you think of their service?

I wonder if I could use bandwidth monitoring somehow to determine that the site was down?

Like if the CPU activity or bandwidth is BELOW a certain threshold or something…

I am not currently using anything. I need it to monitor the .htaccess file. So I’m thinking to build my own solution.

Don’t build your own when you can use something. I use a free plan from Uptime Doctor.


Me as well. Since I’ll be running redundant servers, I was thinking about a little cron job or something that runs on each server that checks the other servers. Since it’s not likely that all will die simultaneously, then I would get a notification from the other when there’s an issue.

Curious though if I could use the monitoring as a way to also tell if the server has stopped responding.

Where are you running the servers? I use EC2 and CloudWatch to reboot the server if it gets stuck in the infamous Web Framework Eats 100% CPU trap.

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Digital Ocean.

When I looked into monitoring for Digital Ocean it needed you to have a second instance to actually do the monitoring. It would also need API access to your Digital Ocean account to perform droplet actions based on the monitoring. I passed on that for CloudWatch.

My needs were specifically to watch out for that Xojo Web 100% CPU bug. I monitor for CPU activity if > 70% for a period of 5 minutes, CloudWatch will reboot the instance. This is probably a little different than the needs of a normal website “is it down” monitor.

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I’m using both uptime robot (which is nice and simple, monitoring a web service response) as well as which offers a limited number of free monitors, SMS notification (though for some reason it’s not working) and emails when something isn’t working - it offers quite a good status page too (example here) that you can include in your site so people can check for themselves.

Y’know… It’s been YEARs that I’ve been using uptime robot and I hadn’t been to the website in probably 10 years or more. I just assumed it wasn’t that good, but you know, even the free service hasn’t failed me so I just added some more sites and it’s good to go. Not sure where I got it in my head that they were not “pro” enough. They are actually great!
Might update to their paid plan if I need to get the SMS or less-than-5-minute checks in the future!