Siri and Gamepad for ATV

my app has two views on AppleTV…
the first view is a grid of buttons, and bot the Siri and Gamepad can activiely move the cursor around and select buttons, just as it should be

However when I switch to a second view (same delegates/events as the first). The Siri remote works just fine, but the objects on the screen do not react to the Gamepad…

UNTIL… (and this is strange)

On 2nd View

  1. using SIRI remote, select a button that displays a UIALERT dialog
  2. NOW the gamepad works

The problem is, that the AppleTV focus engine, works by inference, there are no commands to directly connect the Siri or Gamepad to an object… The only thing that needs to be done is to setup the controllers “valueChangedHandler”, which I have valdidated is being done during the view transision

FYI… the first view always seems to work, its just the 2nd