Simple text editor for macOS needed

Can anyone recommend a free/not expensive and simple text editor? I can’t use TextEdit because on wonderful wonderful macOS BS TextEdit crashes when you have a BOM marker in the text by mistake.

I already tried:

  • Brackets: doesn’t show text after the BOM
  • Atom: shows all text but w/o any line breaks.

I only need to view some text files. And I’m going to remove the BOM from my session logs.

TextWrangler / BBEdit

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Oh, I didn’t know that BBedit is freemium. However, I must have foobared the text even more than I thought because I get this here in BBEdit:

TextEdit in High Sierra happily shows the text. This looks like UTF8 mixed with UTF16.

looks to me more like data corruption… the pattern is too consistent to be UTF-16 version of any of the previous “clear text”

Does BBEdit have a HEX MODE?

my 2cents… I have used UltraEdit as my goto Editor for like 30 years now. Its not free, but well worth the price. I have a lifetime license for it

Sublime text 3 is also available freely.

@DaveS: got the problem already solved. It was utf16. The code is so old that I never checked the encoding. After adding lines 2 and 3 everything is now good:

dim DiagnoseResult as String = theDiagnoseBin.Read(theDiagnoseBin.Length)
DiagnoseResult = DiagnoseResult.DefineEncoding(Encodings.UTF16)
DiagnoseResult = DiagnoseResult.ConvertEncoding(Encodings.UTF8) 

I’m curious how Adobe is going to react to the bug.

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