Sigh... You are not Apple's target audience

A little tidbit from the DOJ v.s. Apple case.

Apple spends twice as much money on stock manipulation than it does on Research & Development.

It’s something that many of us have naturally come to the conclusion, but to see it in writing is something else.

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All big companies do that. It corrupts the system and undermines democracy.
The problem is with the law. In Germany, public officials cannot legally take advantage of lobbyists ‘attention’. This is prohibited by law. German lawmakers are exempted from that anti-corruption law and cannot be held accountable for such deeds. The problem is that law allows that style and extent of lobbying, which goes far beyond listening to concerns and suggestions in an unethical and unhealthy way.

In US we saw what can be happened in that cases. AT&T was a good example,m Bell labs…when and if it hits apple it finds an end with apple like it is today