Showing off - but also demoing what Omegabundle customers can expect as soon as it's ready

I’m showing off a little/lot with this following article, but it’s to illustrate some of the stuff that I didn’t get finished in time for the bundle.

Maybe finished is the wrong word, maybe nervous is more correct as I want these final controls to be as flawless as they can. Ha!

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Console app signing needs work from Xojo though
No ?

Technically it works…

The GUI still needs some refinement, because I’ve only been dealing application bundles for the last so many years.

The issue that I raised with Xojo could be considered in the same vein, in that localized Xojo Console apps can not be included in a bundle executable, without ditching all the localization, or using an alternative solution.

I am awaiting some information that will assist in the creation of the embedded plist as it will be able to extract some information from the Xojo binary to pre-populated it with.

@samRowlands: you should simply work faster (says 1.5 legged Beatrix Willius, it doesn’t look like shoes are going to work again today). Looking forward to AppWrapper 4.


I am trying! If I could forgo sleeping, eating and exercise I would.

Can I join the beta program?

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Sure, I would be happy to have your input during the beta period. pm your e-mail address and I’ll add you to the list.