Shared (again)

A starter project you can edit adopt adapt & pull code out of as you see fit

Lots o f stuff accumulated or written over many years

Pretty much everything is API 1


That is a huge collection of stuff. Some observations:

Runtime.IterateObjects can be slow and you may think about using

AllObjectsOfClassMBS(ClassName as String) as Variant()

from our plugin instead in some cases if MBS is there.

Second, before doing DefineEncoding, it may be good to check if string.encoding is not nil or valid:

Public Function UTF8StringValue(extends dbField as DatabaseField) As String
  dim s as string = dbField.StringValue
  if s.encoding = nil then
    if encodings.UTF8.IsValidData(s) then
      // mark as UTF-8
      Return DefineEncoding( s, Encodings.UTF8 )
      // use a fallback encoding
      return DefineEncoding( s, encodings.ISOLatin1)
    end if
    // make sure, we have UTF-8 and not UTF-16 or Windows encoding
    return ConvertEncoding(s, encodings.UTF8)
  end if
End Function

Dont want to inject a dependency on a plugin not everyone has

A worthy check


Thank you for this. It’s duly cloned and I look forward to having a look :slight_smile: