Shame about Dash

Hello everyone,

I just updated my iMac to an SSD and in doing so obviously ended up having to reinstall stuff and ‘update’ things even though I had Time Machine in the system.

The one slight issue that took me a step back was when I went to download the Dash docset for Xojo.

it seems someone has taken it upon them selves to remove all evidence of any API1 related version, which have always been there, and you are now only able to download 19r3 and 20r1 docset, which as some readers know, is utterly useless for many.

So the question might be, who provided the original docsets, and why would anyone take the time and effort to purposefully decide that the archive for the most widely used versions of Xojo are no longer suitable for the world at large.

more and more planting bad seeds of thought about Xojo for me, sadly.

I managed to find a version of 19r1 in my old systems so I am ok now, if anyone wants a copy it is available.



What an incredibly dumb move …

Never looked into whats involved in creating a dash doc set but I have an old project that would take the docs and create a set from them

so it would seem that we could generate sets if needed

dash docsets are a compressed file (tar? zip? cant remember) of an SQLite database and html files. each html file is a “page” in the docset. the SQLite database is used as the “index”. I used to create dash docsets for all my apps (mostly just for me so I can remember how to do things in it when a customer would call) and for all my standards (naming standards, plugins/modules, licenses, etc)

I’d probably need one to dissect to be able to spit out the Xojo LR as one :slight_smile:
Doesnt sound impossible though

once you get the format of the directory structure down, and teh data in teh SQLite db, the rest is pure cakewalk…

as i said, I have the 19r1 working docset here and I can send it to anyone if they want to look, as far as I know anyone can post the docset, but I have to admit I have no understanding as to how, unlike some others here.

zipped up its 140Mb +.

the only reason I know about the innards was for 2 reasons. 1) I was writing customer dash docsets for myself. 2) I was looking at writing an alternative to dash since the dash author got kicked out of the Apple Store due to being a d-bag.

yes he did do the naughty, but seemingly apologised at the time he got caught out.

As yet I still have not found anything that makes it as easy to get through the dreadful Xojo language reference and ‘help’ files/web pages, regardless of the antics of the author.

maybe I’ll have some “free time” and a peek at a docset to see whats involved

Norman you could swap all those hours spent on the other forum and do something useful with them instead!

I wrote the first Dash docset years ago for Xojo. I can’t for the love of me find the source code for the generator anymore. I wrote it before I started using Git.

It’s quite easy to create - it’s an SQLite DB if I remember correctly and HTML pages. I used the offline docs as the source. I seem to recall @npalardy helping me out in the beginning.

I have a copy of Dasho here

EDIT : Docsets for 2017r1.1, 2017r3, 2018r3, 2018r4, 2019r1 and 2019r1.1 created

Get them here


Maybe we should contact the Dash publisher and ask if he could restore all old versions of Xojo docsets. Has anyone here done that yet? is the link to the site on how to build the docsets…

Yeah I’ll see about updating the creator code to meet the newer specs they have there


I sent a message to back in July. No response.

I see entries in dash (Classes, Interfaces, etc.) but just get “Page not found” errors when I try to view anything. The old docsets were 100MB+ in size, yours is 3.4MB.

Hi speedy and welcome.

I had the same issue with the docsets posted by Norm, but thought that was due to the version, my version of Dash is 2.2.6, being an old one.
the only working one I have is 19r11 which is 300+mb where the one Norm posted was as you said only a few Mb.

if you want the 19r11 you are welcome, but I have no idea how I might send it to you, or anyone else who might want it.


guess I’ll have to see how to rebuild those