Send keystrokes to VMWare Horizon Client

I use VMWare Horizon to access my work’s desktop. Unfortunately the sysadmin has set a ridiculously short inactive timeout ( 3minutes) that locks the session so a new login is mandatory. I remember the sendkeys() VB function. Can I use Xojo and a timer to send a keypress to the VMWare session every minute or so, maybe via a WinAPI function?

No, this doesn’t work cause what you see in your Webbrowser is basically a RDP2HTML Gateway like Apache Guacamole or xrdp. The keystrokes what your app would do are not the keystrokes in your HTML interface.

It is able to receive keystrokes from my keyboard buffer. So technically, it should be possible to give the window focus and stuff some characters in the keyboard buffer.

In theory sure
But theory & practice often have a fairly wide gap

ITs its possible you’ll need some declares to put keystroke in the keyboard buffer and activate the other app to retrieve those keystrokes
Xojo has nothing built in
So declares or a plugin might be needed

PM me I maybe able to help