Seems being banned isn't a complete

Someone just sent me a private message via the Xojo forum asking for my help. Unfortunatley I cannot answer, because I have been suspended… and also can’t tell who it was from

Hey Dave Sisemore!

You have been added to a private conversation titled Moving Controls.

Hi Dave,
What did you find to be the simplest way to move a control in code for IOS. I have a series of Rectangles I need to move but seems a bit fiddle to do it with constraints?

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I would have thougt that being banned meant absolutely no interaction with the forum. They still kind of love you I guess

problem is, who ever sent that message may think I am being rude by not answering

Nice of you to even think about not being rude but not much that can be done

I had the same - no can do …

Martin Fitzgibbons

how did you figure that out?

He posted the same question on the Xojo forum, and his email address is in his profile.

Thanks… I sent him a private email…

LOL… just got an email from Dana… she is going to pass this problem to “our IT team”

why do I find that funny? :crazy_face:

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Is she reading this forum?


Either they read it or someone here passes them information about posts here as I’ve had emails from geoff about my posts on here

I sure hope so… :smiley:

The problem that you can still get private messages? :roll_eyes:

yes… I still get private messages from “that other forum”… the only thing I can read is what comes in the email… which doesn’t indicate who it was from.

VERY VERY interested in your Xojo to Swift translator. We need to chat more.