Say yes to Xojo

OMG ! LAMO (seriously)
You have NO idea how crazy my cats think I am sitting here laughing out loud at this :stuck_out_tongue:


Catfishing:People :: Swordfishing:Software

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I watched the season premier of Agents Of Shield the other night… That were back in the 1930s and had to get into speakeasy … The password to get in was Swordfish… I was wondering why that sounded familiar! :wink:

-Karen (who does remember RB Swordfish)


I decided to not think about Xojo for Android any more. I settled on going the hybrid route for mobile. I’m still learning but I figure that if I put one hour a day to keep learning I will be a wizard in hybrid development and probably also have time left to learn Flutter before Xojo for Android is shipped :confused:

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iOS was really a joke, I had the PRO licence unti 2018 but never used. B4i was a lot cheaper and way more useful.

For android, the xojo showcase looks the same, way too limited. I also used B4A, and now it is FREE,

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I had been reading about B4A, it looks interesting. I’m a Amazon Kindle addict and last night I purchased this book:

I’ll read the book over a couple of nights and play around with B4A during the following days. From what I’ve read it looks interesting.

But back on topic:

I might be looking at alternatives for iOS and Android development but really hope Xojo will be able to make this platforms something we can actually use. I know some people have managed to make successful iOS apps but I got discouraged with the limited testing I did with Xojo iOS.

Even more on topic: I’m currently working on a Web App and I’m very pleased about what I have been able to accomplish with Xojo Web. Perhaps I could have used PHP or something else to get the job done but I really appreciate how Xojo makes this a relatively simple project to develop. I don’t need extra fancy UI for this app, it’s a business app and what Xojo can do for the UI is good enough, for the couple extra things I need I’m using Graffitiesuite and I’m satisfied with the results I’m getting.

So I say Yes to Xojo :slight_smile:

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Let us know if the book is any good!

All data from

  • Kindle edition: “This book, which covers B4A version 9.80, is an invaluable work of reference for both beginner and expert”
  • Hardcover: “This book covers B4A version 8.30.”
  • Paperback: “This book covers B4A version 9.80” <- Really???

The release dates as given:

  • The Kindle book was released May 28, 2015
  • The hardback was released June 25, 2018
  • The paperback was released July 27, 2015

B4A 9.80 was released Jan 29, 2020

So it seems they update the Kindle edition to stay current but not the hardback, and I would be very suspicious of the paperback being up-to-date (seems more like they just used the description for the Kindle edition).

Actually if the book is basic enough then I expect it to be “still valid for B4A 9.80”, so the changes could just be an updated description.

B4A it is really moving, both in improvements to the IDE and with the suport for Android changes

You should read the changelog to have an idea. Read the second post first (older versions)


What does that have to do with what I wrote about the books?

So far the book has been worth the $20. For those who purchase the electronic version there are free upgrade to keep the info up to date.

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I’m really liking B4A, the code editor makes me feel I’m back at the early 2000s, it really feels like VB6, but it doesn’t feel outdated.

My only problem with B4A has been that since the syntax is so similar to Xojo’s I end upt typing Xojo code in the B4A editor. The syntax is similar enough to feel comfortable with it from the get go but also similar enough that I end up mixing it up.

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Just you wait, I once spent twenty minutes not understanding why Xojo didn’t like my code, I’d mixed some Objective-C in there with Xojo and my brain thought that was fine and totally processed the two languages together.

Especially C style loops, it’s common mistake I make.

Yeah… took me a few seconds to realize why Xojo was complaining when I typed

for i in(0....arr.count-1) {

duh… :smiley:

It happens to me all the time with the concatenation. :upside_down_face:

Interesting, maybe you should use B4i, you can use inline Objective C code in there.

As soon as I need an & I end up typing &&… Frigging javascript messed up my head LOL

The more I work with Xojo Web the more I appreciate the concept, I know Xojo Web is not perfect but it sure makes the job a lot easier.

I like Xojo :slight_smile:

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The idea was, when it was created, quite forward thinking
Way better than writing apps by hand in php etc (this was way back in about 2009)
And a lot more approachable than anything else
By and large that succeeded

It just didnt get the continued love & attention it needed & evolve a lot

It’s ONLY been 11 years, I heard web 2.0 is coming

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In human terms that isn’t just Great, but GreatGreatGreatGreatGreat … :roll_eyes: