Save/Overwrite an Image in iOS PHOTO app

one of the features of my current app is the ability to create a custom wall paper with particular information embeded on it.

Creating and saving this image is not the problem. The problem is it creates a NEW image in the Photo app each time, while under normal circumstances that might not be a big deal… During testing I end up with 100’s of copies.

Is there any way to save the image with some ID and delete any copies before making a new one???

Could you save your image to a cache folder rather than saving it to Photos?

No… because the purpose of the image it to become the Lock Screen Image, and that can only be sourced from the Photo App as far as I know

This is how Photos works, in a effort to prevent 3rd Party apps from having access to metadata that the customer might not want them to have, and to prevent 3rd Party apps from overwriting their original photos

So my only recourse is to just keep adding images to the Photo Album and leave it up to the user to manually delete any duplictes that are no longer needed

Currently. You can file a feedback with Apple, but I believe you’d just be wasting your time.