Running an iOS app on an ARM Mac

With the latest Xcode it is possilbe to comple iOS (iPhone) apps so they will run on an ARM Mac. This is NOT Catalyst. It is actually very simple and requires no special code in yourprogam.

However it seems to run only as an iPhone6 (very tiny image on a full size computer monitor). You do have the option of clicking the “green ball” and going full screen, but that disables any other app/monitors on your system.

Does any know if there is a way to tell the app, to use a different default device template (say iPhone 14) when running on macOS?

almost sounds like the old “run your iPhone apps on the iPad” but they were scaled to fit the iPad

cant say I have tried this so haven’t done any poking around to know what’s possible

Xcode has a new “Supported Destination” for UIKit based projects
Which can be any combination of
Iphone , iPad , Mac(ARM)

If you pick iPhone and Mac, it runs on a Mac in iPhone6 mode
if you pick iPad and Mac it runs as a 12.9" iPad

so one is way too small, the other way too big