Rumors about Web 2.0 and not realized Web Feedback coming up

It is a problem after Geoff said they will rewrite the Feedback App as a Xojo Web App. At the other Side I can understand the Idea to abandon it while this solutions are costing much man power for Security and taking care of the Database-healthiness.

What ever, Xojo Customers starting to ask why no big Web App written by Xojo is coming up to show: that can be done with Xojo Web?

One of may clients is trying to write some decently large apps but there are days its a fight to do what seems like it should be simple

it would have been a real eye opener for Xojo to write Feedback as a web 2 app - and something I’m sure would have made them realize all the things they need to do

That said they needed a more functional bug reporting system

So damned if they do damned if they dont

They DO need to write something significant in Web 2 that they use, rely on, and that gets hammered on all the time so THEY can “dog food” it properly

I’m just not sure they have enough staff to

Why I’m hedging my bets and working with Vaadin in my “spare” time (HA !)


I believe the Feedback as a web app was a mostly Greg project. With that said, there are a bunch of thins that Xojo doesn’t really dog food themselves very well: Reporting, Databases, RTF text come immediately to mind for desktop immediately.

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It seems like Xojo works in a vacuum. They design, develop and test things without customer interaction. When they introduce feature requests, it appears to be based upon their understanding of what it is the customer wants, but no follow through to make sure it is or works how the customer expects.

When they drop new versions on the testers, they’re looking for a specific kind of feedback, so when testers come back with negative responses, it’s already too late to change course and not what they want to hear.

Xojo could really benefit from closer ties with the community, there were/are some highly qualified developers using their tools that could really improve it in meaningful ways, but at this point, I get the feeling that Xojo is doubling down on it’s current direction and sailing in the opposite direction of the one resource they should be utilizing to improve their product and grow their customer base.


Isn’t this the MVP program supposedly ?

  1. To facilitate communication with the Xojo community. The MVPs are there to help us get the word out about things going on at Xojo and also to help the community make sure we are hearing what’s going on with them.


I got the impression XOJO didn’t view its beta group or even the forum members as being representative of their user base.

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That was the gist of the comment Geoff made to Bob years ago that spawned bobs blog post about “if I’m not Xojo’s target customer who is” (or a title something like that)

Had to do with the folks who WERE in the beta program nothing Xojo’s target audience
Or something along those lines

Correct, usually the vision of ONE or very few people it is almost never going to be what all the users want.

Beta tester is a huge waste of time, as you said, they never listen to design problems (remember the release they have to remove, even when MANY users told him that was a bad idea many days before llaunching it?)

Its sad but true, a “lider” that has no ide what the users Want and base desicions on whims instead if real users input.

At this point is normal to be afraid of the new feautres instead of exited.

“Modern UI for Windows 11” and the new “IDE Navigation”… Could be another Web2 fiasco… Something halfbaked that sucks and no option to keep using what kind of worked. :pensive:


No kidding.