RTF to TEXT from console app

I have a few RTF documents that I want to convert to text. I see from the docs that StyledText has RTFData, but looks like this is associated to TextArea.

is it possible to convert RTF to Text file from console app?

You may be misunderstanding the documentation. TextArea does have a StyledText property, but the StyledText class is not directly tied to it. You can use the StyledText class in a Console app.

thank you tim. you are correct, I misread it.

now, I am getting a funky error:

var s as string = rs.Column("RTFTEXT").StringValue
var ts as new StyledText
ts.RTFData = s

when I try to run, I get an error stating that “StyledText” has no member named “RTFData”

Harr, maybe I’m wrong. That’s always fun :slight_smile:

MBS to the rescue!

just added there Util plugin, and I am now able to get around the issue.

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The CONSOLE version of StyledText does indeed not have RTFData

There’s a teeny-tiny little inaccurate note on the documentation that suggested otherwise " Supported for all project types and targets." :confused:

Good thing for MBS!

Bug report time as its definitely not there
I’ve checked several avenues and it definitely isnt there in a Console app
Either its a documentation bug about RTF or that its just isnt present in Console

the interesting part is, auto-complete allows you to fill out StyledText.RTFData from console

Thats a shortcoming of how autocomplete works :frowning: