Rsync backups with Catalina

I recently upgraded my Mac Pro (cylinder) to Catalina from High Sierra. Ever since then, my rsync backups have been messed up. It seems to be doing a full backup each time which fills up my backup volume.

Here is the rsync command I am using:

/usr/local/bin/rsync -axvpE -S -H -X -A --exclude-from $EXCLUDES --link-dest=$TARGET/current $SOURCE $TARGET/back-$date 2>>$ERRLOG 1>$LOG

where $SOURCE was set to “/” but then I read that it needs to be “/System/Volumes/Data/” so I tried that with the same results. After each run, current is soft linked to the most recent backup.

I am using V3.2.3 of rsync.

Anyone know what’s going on here?



Not a clue as I dont use rsync to do backups

if you dont get it fixed in a few days reach out to me. I have done a lot with rsync but dont know all those flags off the top of my head. sorry.

scott at nocturnal coding monkeys dot com