Remote Debugger on M1 and Windows ARM

Cant believe NO ONE has replied
Xojo does NOT support Windows On ARM - yet
So you wont be able to remote debug to that VM on the M1 Mini

Nice to see someone finally posted for Stan to read AFTER I posted the answer here :slight_smile:

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Xojo should really throw their vanity away and cancel your suspension to the forum.
They are losing good advices you could give directly and it’s bad for both you and them.

Geoffs ego won’t allow him to admit he made a mistake.
He is driving Xojo into the ground… Ignoring bugs in preference to “new shiny bits”, catering to the lowest possible developer (the newbie, at the cost of the middle and professional)

“Xojo for iOS” is a joke… “Xojo for Android” is a day late and a dollar short
“Xojo for Web2.0” seems to be so full of bugs that the complaints out weight the usefullness

It is really no longer a “Cross Platform” system as opposed to a “System that can be compiled on multiple platforms”

But that I can do with java better with less stress and a language which is adult

Don’t agree. Since 2020r2 the iOS Framework is much more useable. But I know you left Xojo years ago, so you couldn’t know this.

No worries… we can both have (and express) our opinions… That is mine.

I have ZERO confidence that Xojo can ever be what it wishes to be, or will ever again be what it once was

not my choice but their customers loss