RemObject's Unified GUI Editor

Those aren’t native controls then.

Just for clarity, UNO creates standalone apps, Web apps is only 1 of the several it can create.

Since it SEEMS like you’re competing with Blazor and Electron, and will likely be compared to same, can you explain what some of the “real world” advantages are to Mercury over the existing solutions?
When I say “real world” I mean, what things will the programmer or user notice, not how it works “under the hood”.

I am not sure I understand what you mean by server apps.

O.c. the programs run on servers.
O.c. the programs can communicate with servers - both web servers as native services (like databases)

WebApps can not access the underlying OS. The Unified GUI can. 100%. (depending on your user rights) - so it is absolutely no web app. Running under a root / administraive account, it can access everything, as a native application. And that is something that is impossible for a web app.

Difference in semantics. Likely I’m wrong, but I consider anything that uses a browser to be a “Web App”, so that includes Blazor and Electron apps. Whether it can access the underlying OS is irrelevant to me.

Programs that run ONLY on the internet (that is to say, hosted by a server, with no application on my computer other than a browser) is what I call a server-based Web App.

Can Mercury also create server-based Web Apps?

For the user: he will notice nothing. Just a normal application.

For the programmer:

  • The ease of VB coding
  • XML Literals for easy dynamic Html code
  • Normal VB EventHandlers (handles) in the code.
  • No programming in the Html files itself.

Gotcha. Not useful to me, but I do hope it goes well for you!

Still interested to know if it supports Server apps. (Applications that run on a web server without any app on the user’s end other than a browser)

If its “like electron” means its basically a web view of some kind
And the controls IN something like electron. while appearing to be normal platform specific controls, are just code that mimics the widgets of the platform
For some things this is adequate
For some its not

I think that really was all that was being pointed out

A bunch of us here prefer actual UI Widgets from the platforms native toolkit as opposed to emulated ones
Esp since emulated ones may not adapt to OS updates and changes as readily as the native toolbox widgets supported by the OS vendor


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  • ASP (Framework / core)
  • NodeJS + WebAssembly (server side)
  • WebAssembly (Client side)
  • Or even a raw Http server

Teams is one of the worst M$ apps on MacOS. We use the fully extended set of M$ apps at the office and Teams crashs on me daily if not more often. On Mac. I have switched to a 3rd party app to run as it crashes less often than the official app.

the only thing I can say postiive about Teams (all the time) is it crashes less often than Yammer.


Reactions where Microsoft is written with a $ sign can not be taken seriously …

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sure they can, and they are…

Like CrApple or WinDoze or OS-Sucks or Bill Gate$ or or or…

I am sorry you can not take someones opinion as a data point because they spell Microsoft as M$. Therefore there are a LOT of people you can not trust their opinion. Most people I know shorten it that way, even the die hard “fan boys” (which is not a gender specific group).

I also don’t “get” what RemObjects is, even though I think others have tried to explain. Is the full VB.NET supported? Is it some sort of wrapper that makes it X-Plat somehow? I thought only C#, C++ and F# were X-Plat on .NET…

RemObjects Software is the company name.

What you are looking as is Elements, which is their (our, as I work for RemObjects) compiler and development toolchain. At its heart, Elements is a multi-language m multi-platform compiler that supports six languages (Oxygene/Pascal, C#, Swift, Java, Go and (in Beta) Mercury/VB./NET). All of these languages can be compiled natively to several different platforms: .NET, Java/Android, WebAssembly as well as CPU-native Windows, Linux and macOS/iOS/tvOS/watchOS.

Elements also comes with all the other parts of the development tool chain you need, aside form eh core compiler: IDEs, build tool for additional tasks, debuggers, etc.

The important thing too realize is that Elements does not wrap or cross-compile or pre-process one language to another, or any such thinf. It truly understand all 6 languages on the same level, and int can compile them to any one (or more) of the platforms you want to target.

e.g. it will compile C# straight to naive code, or to Java byte code. It will compile Go to .NET IL byte code. It will compile Java (language) code. etc.

Check out for more details, especially the The Compiler section.