Reload Project (on Windows)?

alter the project in any way
revert to saved

I do this all the time as its way faster to define lots of enumerated values, properties & constants using BBedit than in the IDE

Ironically, one of the co-developers of the IDE suggests that using an editor is a better option. It seems like Xojo should have kept you on their payroll until the IDE matured or until Android was ready for production, whichever came first. :wink:

If an aduld IDE has to look like VSCode, IntelliJ, Netbeans or Eclipse the Answer is: it will never reach that point. Cause the IDE is from its fundamental concepts crap. You can’t make a good IDe from nothing and leak of knowledge how to build a modern und functional IDE. Take a look on the code completion. Strart laughing about and that’s it. Ine further fundamental reason why working with professional Languages makes life easier.

The IDE has always sucked at certain operations - even before I got there
It just never got a lot better :frowning:
Enums are’t the worst since you can use many arrow keys and enter/return to just edit values one after the other
But lots of constants & properties have always been yucky

Its the nature of “everything visual in the IDE” instead of just plain text


I’ll admit that it took me some time to realize WHY completions were so bad
Its just doing it all wrong
Writing it to do the same as the compiler in Xojo code would have been … ugh
So the plan was to have it be driven BY the compiler - but need compiler guy


But Xojo is an IDE!!!, VSC isn’t - that’s only an editor - just kidding :wink: - they somhow lost the sense for reality between RB and today’s product … :man_facepalming:

NO! (Source: yet another stable genius, Austin, TX)

I can hear that hair being split :stuck_out_tongue:

well otherwise it takes 7 years to scratch an itch :slight_smile: