RegEx for Robert Livingston

In answer to Robert’s long post in

Or you could do:

^.*x#\d{3} \d \w{11}:.*$(*SKIP)(*FAIL)|^.+$

Note that you have to wrap the pattern in 3 backticks on either side or the asterixes will not be shown!

That runs into the ( a ) problem. All line without the pattern end up being selected. My actual use case is searching for what are presumably a small numbers of errors in a huge document.

Well, as you assume that x# is always there then you could use

^.*(x#\d{3} \d \w{11}:).*$(*SKIP)(*FAIL)|x#.+$

of course yould could ping him here with @anon81583535

Thanks - didn’t know that he would be pinged. Send him a pm.