Read Row and Column selected

Guys I have a populated listbox.
I scroll the lines back and forth by clicking buttons (I have created a counter that goes back and forth and the ListBox references this counter for the lines) … how do I read the highlighted line? I need to read a cell of the highlighted row … I wanted to try with SelectionChanged but it won’t pass me the Row and Column values. Is there a dedicated Event Handlet?

If you want to know which cell the user clicks on, use the CellPressed event (DesktopListbox) or CellClick (pre-2021r3 Listbox).

Otherwise, you can always get the current selected row with the SelectedRowIndex property, and access any cell of that row you wish with the CellTextAt method (DesktopListbox) or CellValueAt (pre-2021r3 Listbox).

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Ok Thanks, i solved my problem. YEAH !!!