Raspberry Pi alternatives

All Ye-Smart-And-Trusted-Ones,

I have been doing lots with Raspberry Pi 4(s) lately and really enjoy them. BUT there is one issue that i have not overcome. For a few projects, I need 2x 1gig network ports. And using a usb dongle you run into performance issues on the network.

Do what RPi4 alternative should I look at? (strongly) want a 64bit ARM (over 32bit). need 2x 1gig network ports (more is fine). roughly the side of a RPi4b (large SBCs are worth it, as I can build a low-end PC for the same cost and be better off).

I know some of you use and/or play with RPis, so I figure yall will have a clue for me.


I’ve seen lots of alternatives BUT non specifically I can thing of has dual 1Gb e-net that I can see on this list

These do say dual enets

Dunno if this one is available yet

But i’ve not used any to know good, bad, or indifferent

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You will probably need to go to a more costly industrial ARM board, or perhaps a mini-ITX(intel) board that has built-in multi ethernet ports. Maybe something like a Gigabyte GA-J3455N-D3H.
Those dual port- RPi alternatives are cheap but I found the whole software eco-system around them can be a little patchy.

There’s a channel on YouTube that often talks about the RPi and its alternatives. Just today they released a new video about the “Top 5 New SBCs 2020”. I haven’t watched it yet, but maybe you’ll find something there?

NanoPi R1S has dual 1GB Ethernet.

I do got two such, I dont got much experience with them except I did not like the distro that comes with them, ended up putting Armbian on them like I usually end up doing on those 3rd party boards.

yeah i have looked at the lists before i asked the question as there are lots of alternatives but dont know about quality .

yeah that is my concern is quality of them. and upscaling to a itx mobi plus components puts me at price point i might as well jump to a commercial networking device.

yeah we dont run anything other than raspbian or ubuntu on them. how do you like the R1S hardware?

I have not actually used it much other than just testing tiny bit. It got lost 140 days due to Covid, and by the time it came I no longer had need for it, and 2 arrived since seller had made 2nd attempt to send.

So I have only done tiny tests, installed OS, did not like the experience and then installed Armbian which made it all good. Then installed Docker and PostgreSQL on docker.

The machine is plenty fast for its size.

That is all I have tested on it basically

I just ordered a NanoPI R2S+case that should be here sometime in NOV. currently out of stock.
Thanks all for the advice.


If your design is intended for production, the stability of supply should be high on the list of qualifications. For this reason i like Aeon’s product line, but not sure if they have something that meets your needs.

it is not true production. it is going to be production in my home/home office.
I bought a NanoPI R2S and will try that out.
And if that doesnt work out, I will try Aeon’s stuff.