RapidWeaver Custom Elements

RapidWeaver Custom Elements look super interesting for Web Apps. Here’s a video showing how to make custom elements:

Custom Elements have Templates, Styles ( CSS ), Hooks ( JS ), and Properties ( JSON )…


For many years i used Rapidweaver, once coming from iWeb. And I have to say, you quickly get what you see and for many it may be fine. But like Xojo you are heavily depended on Themes and Addons esp. the Foundation Framework from Joe Workman. I’ve spend more money on them than on RW itself… sounds familiar?

The most annoying thing is, that your websites getting unmanageable when you start to combine addons from x with y. And Good luck when dealing with older websites. You will end up building everything from scratch.

After couple of years I switched to open source platform and frameworks, namely Hugo as stativ site generator and Django as Web Application Framework in Python.

I know what you mean. I still use RapidWeaver for my site though. For my use it’s pretty darn good.

This new stuff is a rewrite though, so maybe less plugins will be needed.

I’m hoping that they address db connection at some point, but the custom elements could work for that too!

Sigh. Here’s the link … :walking_man:

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I ran into an issue with the competency level of their customer service agent who did not at all understand the differences in licensing. After two months of back and forth dealing with their stupidity I asked for a refund and they denied me because “it was outside their refund window.” The only reason it took so long was because the support agent wasn’t qualified for the job and took far too long to respond to emails.

I had to file a chargeback with my card processor for non-delivered goods, and then get my card unbanned at FastSpring. What a nightmare.

I can only recommend running away from RapidWeaver and RealMac as fast as you can. *sigh* I miss the days when they were a good company you could trust.

Bootstrap studio has been pretty nice. I normally don’t like bootstrap, but having an easy way to setup UI lets me spend more time on backend code… so, I may start using it more. :smiley: