Random thoughts for Weds

Gorillas have NEVER done ANY body building
Can you imagine if they did ?

yeah yeah yeah … go back to sleep norm :slight_smile:

How do you know? I’m sure I read somewhere that they lift tree trunks … :grin:

Time for a research proposal? :innocent:

… and who are you calling fat?

Re-read … never said FAT :slight_smile:
Can you imagine what a gorilla would look like IF it went on a “body building and strength training regimen” like professional athletes do ?

as if they aren’t already???

… implied? :wink:

I suppose it could be read that way but that wasnt really how I meant it :slight_smile:
Lots of pro athletes are in pretty good shape when they first arrive at their first team after a draft and they get put on weight and strength training regimens and after a while they are no longer the skinny kids that initially arrived
Watch The Last Dance and watch the transformation of Michael Jordan from a skinny, but talented player, into one that was also physically tough to able able to stand up to the hammering he took. The same happens with hockey players (Sidney Crosby, Daniel & Henrik Sedin) And Im sure this happens in other pro sports as well.

That was more what I meant

And they say Germans have no sense of humour - Irony is soo lost on Canadians … :wink:

At first glance I read the topic title as: Random thoughts for Weeds. Got me really interested!

Years ago I was at the San Diego zoo, they have in display a I don’t remember how many inches thick plexyglass that is supposed to be gorilla proof but one day one of the silverbacks got mad and punched the glass. Scary indeed

When I was in school we went to Frankfurt Zoo. In the ape house the silverback sat right at the glass, looking at the visitors. Our teacher, a smallish but roundish figure positioned himself opposite of the armoured glass and kept staring at the gorilla - I found it funny because that’s how gorillas threaten each other, by eye contact (that’s why when you are attacked you should throw yourself to the ground and not make eye contact), and I soooo wished the gorilla would have reacted to the “threatening” behaviour … but I guess the gorilla was too smart to fall for this wannabe silverback rival.

Yeah… the zoo put that Panel on display by the front entrance for years after that incident… I don’t recall the Gorilla’s name, but he passed a few years later if I recall