RadZen .Net Core, Angular, Business Web Applications Builder for Win & macOS & Linux

In another forum a fellow developer suggested me to check out RadZen. He said that is also has a Community Edition. And it has a huge collection of Free Components.

Here is a short description that he posted.

Radzen is a cutting-edge desktop low-code tool designed for the lightning-fast development of web applications. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface streamlines the development process, enabling developers to build robust business applications without the need for extensive manual coding. With support for databases like MSSQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL, Radzen simplifies the integration of CRUD operations, allowing developers to incorporate essential functionalities with ease.

One of Radzen 's key strengths is its seamless connectivity to external services such as REST, OData, and Swagger. This feature enables developers to effortlessly integrate data and functionality from diverse sources, enhancing the versatility and sophistication of their applications. Moreover, Radzen harnesses the power of popular open-source technologies, including Angular, Bootstrap, and .NET 6, empowering developers to create modern and responsive web solutions that meet the evolving needs of users.

RadZen revolutionizes the web application development landscape by providing a powerful yet user-friendly platform for building business applications rapidly. With its comprehensive database integration, seamless connectivity to external services, and support for proven open-source technologies, Radzen empowers developers to unleash their creativity and deliver innovative web applications efficiently. Whether you are a seasoned developer or new to the field, Radzen equips you with the tools and capabilities to bring your ideas to life in record time.

Key Features of RadZen :​

  1. Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for rapid development
  2. Seamless integration with databases like MSSQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL
  3. Support for CRUD operations to streamline application functionality
  4. Connectivity to external services, including REST, OData, and Swagger
  5. Utilization of popular open-source technologies such as Blazor, Angular, Bootstrap, and .NET 6
  6. Creation of modern, responsive, and feature-rich web applications
  7. Accelerated development timelines through streamlined processes
  8. Versatile platform suitable for developers of all skill levels
  9. Enhanced productivity with intuitive tools and functionalities
  10. Flexibility to adapt to evolving user requirements and industry trends

It looks really nice, and doesn’t seem to have many caveats that other cross platform IDEs do (speed, dialog mazes, jarring appearance).

Re: pricing: this is a sort of comparison between the different versions: Radzen Blazor Studio Editions | Radzen Blazor Studio

It’s kind of vague on what features are included in Community, but it seems like a lot can be done. I’ve wanted to try making some WASM applications, and I might try this or VS, but I still have backlogs to get through first. :smiley:

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