Quartex Pascal - Interesting Tool to build NodeJS powered web apps


I just received an email stating that the long awaited development tool Quartex Pascal has opened its portal to everyone’s access and they are releasing a community edition for developers.

And their last news is the announcement of Async/Await …
I wonder if this will ever happen in Xojo. :disappointed:

I seriously have my doubts

Since Quartex compiles to JavaScript it was just there for the taking.

For Xojo it would be a much heavier lift. Probably another reason they need an actual compiler guy on board.

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Xojo when it was RealBASIC did rope in the core developer of Phoenix Basic (Envelop Basic) and kill a potential cross platform development tool.

If interested you can download the binaries from below link.


Was that Aaron?

As far as my knowledge goes the name was Japanese like. It was something like Yi…

The only Japanese employee I recall was Yoshitaka Muraoka
And I’m not 100% sure he was an employee
But he wasnt in dev - more Japanese sales, marketing & support
Other than that I can probably name every dev they’ve had on their payroll through the years and I do not recall any others names Yi or anything like that

The only dev I know they gobbled up their product was when REAL hired William Yu
His product was called Rapid-Q

Notice the copyright notice at the bottom

RapidQ compiler by William Yu (C) Copyright RealSoftware.com

EDIT : FWIW he was from Edmonton Alberta Canada just a couple hours north of me
He’s been in the USA for a very long time (20 years or more)

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