Python LLVM

I was mildly curious whether anyone has ever attempted to create an llvm compiler for python. This sort of thing is way above my pay grade and I suspect there’s an issue with dynamic typing (although I’ve heard tell of a static type checker for python).

At any rate, I came across this page. Anyone want to dive in and make one for me? Jk. But thought it was worthy of sharing.

Let’s write an LLVM…

Anything is possible but compiling dynamically typed languages are more challenging than statically typed ones. Crystal is an example (an ahead of time Ruby compiler).


The developers of PureBasic initially set out to target LLVM with their new compiler but after experimenting with it they decided to change direction and output C code instead. You can read their blog post on the subject here

This is what Nuitka does with Python code. Nuitka’s overview (including plans for type inferencing and/or hints) is here