Preservation of community knowledge

What happens on Twitter and recently on Reddit teaches us that commercial entities are unsuitable as stewards of community knowledge in the long run. The same observation can be made for some vendor-owned and run ‘user communities’.
This makes communities like INN invaluable.

In case of INN it is proven that:

  • only here we can discuss critical stuffs
  • only here we can speak truths
  • only here we have no bans cause of critics on xojo
  • only here we can discuss alternatives
  • only here we have the chance to discuss real problems
  • only here we have the freedom of speak the freedom to say what we want about xojo

That means: in Xojo forum stuffs are censored and delisted really fast. So it is like it is: a vendor driven forum is the worst way of a community.


especially in the case where this vendor says that the forum is none of his business, but still controls everything. Censored “open” source approach, quite “funny”. “It is NOT OUR forum, all we want to achieve is keeping our rights to ban YOU” … :-1:

Uh… the plug could be pulled tomorrow. INN is not immune to the whims of those who control it.

Niether this forum or any other forum should be considered an archive of information, as mentioned this could go offline at any moment for any reason. So if you find a post that you think you might want to reference in the future, make your own local copy…

You have freedoms to say what you want
But there CAN be consequences as well
Just like in real life

In person if you say something to someone that offends them they may just punch you
Or, depending on what you said, you could face legal action

Here such consequences as a punch arent possible
No one can virtually punch you for being a jerk
Nor do we take legal action

So yes sometimes posts are flagged, or people silenced, in order to try & encourage civil discourse

If you have a complaint speak up

Oh, no complaints. I’m just saying that should you choose, you could shut it down and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Obviously I misread the intention of what you wrote

I’d like to think IF things came to the point I did decide I wanted to shut it down that someone else might want to run things