Popovers in XOJO?

Hey guys,
Is there a way to create x-plat popovers in Xojo? can’t seem to find anything solid online.

ideally would create something like(to use someone else’s pic):
or at the very least something like the popover we get in the IDE when directly editing captions?

the direct editing is smoke & mirrors
you’ll notice they do not exist outside the layout editor :slight_smile:

there’s nothing native in xojo thats super easy to get to
I believe you can use declares, macOSLib, or MBS plugins though to create one

Try a Feature request, who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to get it soon ?


does anyone know if there’s a rough equivalent in Windows or Linux ?

GTK+3 under Linux has this feature. For Windows I have never seen this feature.

There is a feedback request about this topic, but I can’t find it at the moment.

Thanks guys - Pity as it would have perfect for a small project I’m doing but I guess I’ll just work around it… not going to bother with feature request submission :wink:

Windows calls them Balloons.

Similar but not quite the same
Popovers in macOS (dunno about linux) can have editable content like a text field etc

Balloons are not similar to NSPopover and GtkPopover, because it can’t embed any Controls.

Ah! Didn’t realize that was a thing. I guess one would need to use a dialog window then.

For macOS my popover with MBS but without editable control works fine. With editable controls like a listbox I had problems with hiding and showing the window again. I’m now using a sheet again which is nicely modal but doesn’t look at chic.

Thanks guys - pretty much what i figured :frowning:

It’s a real pity there is no popover decoration like the rect or rounded rect in the IDE that will embed controls.
I’m using a rounded rect in a containerControl to pop up the relevant controls etc now and works OK, it would would have been nice to have that little arrow shape in the rounded rect…

I have a native macOS Popover control in pure Xojo.

The problem I have with mine is custom controls (including the listbox) have the wrong cursor location. For canvases I can grab the current cursor location and therefore workaround it, but the listbox is urm… Just broken on a Popover. It’s almost easier to just build a custom control that has just what you need.

I have feedback reports from the days of 10.8, but they’re not a priority for Xojo. It’s something else I’d love to have the opportunity to fix (and get paid for it, I might add).