[POLL] What is the status of your Xojo License?

What is the status of your Xojo License?

Feel free to reply with more information, reasons, or why you stay current.

  • Current License
  • Ended in 2023
  • Ended in 2022
  • Ended in 2021
  • Ended in 2020 (API 1.0 Deprecated, Web 1.0 Removed)
  • Ended in 2019 (XDC Miami)
  • Ended in 2018
  • Ended in 2017
  • Ended in 2016
  • Ended in 2015
  • Ended in 2014
  • Ended in 2013
  • Ended in 2012
  • Ended in 2011
  • Ended in 2010
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I stopped in 2019 when the progress of Web 2.0 was beyond the time I was willing to wait. The kicker was when Web 1.0 was killed off.

I’m still glad I haven’t renewed. I’m using PHP, which rocks, meanwhile I’m still reading about Web 2.0 bugs in TOF.

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Well, for work we have a current license. But my personal license expired in 2022.

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Well, for one customer I needed a license to do test builds of a Software which we have to rebuild in Java with JavaFX and JPro as Web application for Hardware implementation. As JPro provides also solutions for embedded systems it is no pricing problem. So I was doing that exactly this way. But I needed the new xojo license. I was looking on the android implementation. It was simply not really usable.

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My license expired Q3 2014 but iirc I used Xojo until 2017

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A variety of answers.

For Mac desktop /ios(pro licence), ended in August 2023
For Windows Lite, current.
I would have renewed Pro, but they still don’t consider an upgrade to be something at a discount. And Mobile is WAY overpriced when you consider how low powered it is.

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I use 2019v1.1 and feel it was the “last, best” version. I’m not creating anything new using Xojo, just keeping old apps updated as needed. All new projects will be C# Blazor or Blazor Hybrid.


I have a Desktop* licence that expires in May. I don’t plan on renewing it unless Bozo stops running on the latest OS.

  • I used to have a pro licence but everything other than desktop is crap, so why pay for it?

Web is becoming usable. If they finally put back the control arrays and fix a couple showstoppers, it could worth it…

But you are right, wasting money in a PRO for the mobile Im not going to use it is a huge no no.

They should have a cheaper “Semi-Pro” Licence for those who want only 2 targets instead of 3.

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And console should be included with desktop and web at least.

  • Karen

Was that on purpose or autocorrect? :wink:

  • Karen

But, since Xojo is not for Pro people… who needs a Pro version ? :wink:


I have a client that wanted a web app and I tried Xojo web. After about 2 hours of Xojo development the web app began to crash. Then the workarounds began to crash. Since there were no solutions, I was told to report the errors.

I went to Python instead. Python web app works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s nice to work with a language that is write-once, run-anywhere.

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Sadly (sic) it was on purpose. :crazy_face:

Same experience here. First release, 5 minutes with the tool and it was obvious it was garbage. One year later it was enoug to make a proof of concept but it crashed, 2 years later and was more usable but several controls dont even worked. Finaly, on the last release, the proof of concept was working, but xojo web is not feature complete yet.

It took xojo “only” 3 extra years to reach a beta quality with release candidate quality in maybe another year. :exploding_head:

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what do you used for the web app?? Django?

I am using flask for simple web apps. I will be learning Django in the future, as it looks feature complete. Django almost looks like a new programming language.