Please vote for this bug to be fixed if you can

currently ranked # 36
its absolutely maddening


I get bad link? Will see if I can find it by id

yeah if your on Windows and dont have feedback that might happen
the case # is the right one

What is it about?

I have not been able to log onto feedback for months because it won’t let me.


the debugger skips break points one
truly maddening

I made room for it in their top 5, but I’m not holding my breath.

between this one and the code editor not refreshing properly I’m really frustrated with Xojo
they hit me nearly every day now

edit - its up to # 12 now

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If anyone is interested about feedback issues, it was not working for me on Mojave (at home) or High Sierra (at work… It’s an old machine)… both of which OS versions Xojo is still supposed to support. I just assumed the issue was something about my Xojo account configuration on their end.

Well I had to update my Mac OS version at home because this year’s turbotax does not support Mojave…

So now I am on Monterey and now feedback works!

Not sure what to make of that.


PS I REALLY hate the Monterey UI… What happened to contrast and readability?

In Mail the the left hand pane with the mailbox/folder list is hard to read because the fonts is too small and the text color too light… and you can’t change that as far as I can see! (and issue with bookmark bar in Safari…

Are all their UI designers and testers under 40 (or 30!!!)?


I recently upgraded to Monteray (needed Xcode 13.3)… but didn’t notice any visual changes at all

From what? For me it was a huge change from Mojave!


Other than the picture that appears at logon, I noticed zero visual differences

which version are you using?

I see it from 2019r1.1 to the very latest betas

Never mind missing brake points, bouncing back to the calling routine while stepping though a method is disconcerting to say the least while debugging!


Oh my latest is just amazing
it steps INTO the WRONG method !

Seriously makes debugging nearly impossible

I’m sure we’ll get more renamed events controls and lord knows what else because this bug only affects one person :stuck_out_tongue: