Php or Node.js

I understand and have used both, but not a ton.
For those of you that do a lot of work in this space (server-side), should I be concentrating on php or Node.js for new projects? I understand both but would like to concentrate on one, and if Node.js is recommended, likely TypeScript.

it will depend on what you are trying to do. and your targets. if I was going to be targeting containers (like Docker) I would go with Node over PHP. but if I was targeting Physical or VM servers then I would go with PHP. but those are not hard and fast. it will all depend on what my “app” goals were.

I have done both. PHP is easier in general for me as it is very similar to Perl5 which I have been doing since before Perl5 was GA. Node is a subset JS which is not my strongest suit.

I’ve done some work with both and I’m leaning toward node.js and looking into Solid for UI

Thank you, @Scott.

I have 2 uses, one for a status page for hardware devices that send their status to a server, and and also for control of those hardware devices over the web. I’ve got the “status” page working via PHP, but now I want to create the “control” page, and as things get more elaborate, I’m wondering whether I’d be better off switching to node.js.
I did quite a bit of work with node.js for local hardware control and a web-based UI over the past year.