PHP/HTML/JS/CSS Frameworks

Does anyone know of a PHP Framework that works somewhat like Xojo? I have a hard time with most of frameworks are they seem convoluted.

I’ve been moving Xanadu Xojo code to PHP. While my code is really coming along nicely, but I feel like I’m reinventing the wheel.

Below you can see some of the code and the rendered interface. You can see where I add rows to a ‘listbox’, add Contacts Cards aka Containers, and the ContactsComms Card aka Container.

Are there any frameworks that are similar? I’m willing to learn…

Xanadu Code:

Xanadu Interface:

Have you looked at Laravel with Vue? Laravel in particular is wonderful to work with and is super well documented.

I tried but I have problems understanding how it works. In my head, I want to do a query and then show data.

I’ll try watching a video…

Try the laracast material. It’s high quality.

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Years ago I used a PHP framework called CodeIgniter for some contract work. I found it easy to understand and very performant. Might want to check it out.

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Thanks Garry and Tanner. I’ll check those out.