Partial Memoryblocks?

RenderSamplesMBS renders an image of a files sound data, and is using a parameter “samples as MemoryBlock” where samples is basically the whole movie file.


Can I use it with just a part of the data? I want to scroll through a magnified version of the sound, but if the whole sound file is rendered then the memory footprint would be enormous. As I see it it would be MUCH better to use it like

RenderSamplesMBS( samples, start, end )

and move the start and end parameters upon scrolling.

As samples is a MemoryBlock I might be able to define samples as part of the original memory block via a start and end parameter … but how do I do this best?

Or am I approaching it completely wrong?

Thanks for any advice you can give here.

Got it to work - will post solution tomorrow as it needs a lot of refinement yet …