Parsing incoming appleEvent

Dear all,

I would like to parse an AppleEvent such as:
DispachNotification “the message to send” fromMac “TheMac2019” fromAppOrScript “theScriptSource.scpt”

The corresponding side description is:

<dictionary title="AETest Terminology">
	<suite name="AETest Suite" code="AEts" description="AETest commands">
		<command name="DispachNotification" code="AEtsNoVS" description="Sending text to Custom Notification System">
			<direct-parameter type="text" description="Text to announce as notification"/>
			<parameter name="fromMac" code="NoVs" description="Option to provide the Computer source." type="integer" optional="yes"/>
			<parameter name="fromAppOrScript" code="NoVa" description="Option to provide the application or script source." type="text" optional="yes"/>

I can get the direct parameter (which correspond the the text message), using:

if StrComp (eventClass, "AEts", 0) = 0 then
  // Here we handle various commands that are described in the sdef file:
  if StrComp (eventID, "NoVS", 0) = 0 then ' DispachNotificationToVigilante
    dim s as String = theEvent.StringParam("----")
    MessageBox(s) // How do I get the other two parameters???
end if

but not the other two (which are the computer id number, and the script filename.



youve tried the other Param methods ?
IntegerParam(“fromMac”) and StringParam(“fromAppOrScript”)

Thanks a lot for the hint.
Using IntegerParam(“fromMac”) or StringParam(“fromAppOrScript”), didn’t work but
IntegerParam(“NoVs”) or StringParam(“NoVa”) works perfectly.

Thanks !