Parallels: No Windows X86/64 Support for Windows on Mac

There is at the moment no chance for X86 Windows on Mac! And possibly it will never be. Parallels shows at the moment Support for Windows. But ARM Windows. And that will not be sold for MAC. And even if, there will not be any chance for a Windows on Mac with all the programs you know: only a few Software packages are available for Arm. And Microsoft will not follow Apple with it’s Arm policy. So there is only to hope that Apple will setup a way for supporting X86 Software. If not Apple will loose a big Part of their userbase what makes it complex for Apple to stand on the market.

When Apple moved away from PowerPC Chip they enhanced their userbase cause many people could work with Windows on Apple Devices. They decided that they do not want this users it seams.

IMHO, this illustrates the shift in attitude. No longer does Apple consider itself the underdog and needs to do better than the competition. They make enough money that they don’t care if their customers walk away.

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They may have a small problem cause the market is changing and that not even e bit. They could provide the functionality but they don’t wanted cause they wanted to get rid of the x86 code. For them it makes no difference but for the Software Vendors it will become a big problem cause from now on they need two code bases to provide maintenance and support for. One for x86 and one for M1. Even I have that problem cause some handlers in M1 based Systems are working different so I have to build different code and at the end different binaries. Yes, I can work with the apple own emulating mode for the Software but they say byself that this is not really working over the time.

I think this is only good for Apple - when you support Windows on your platform, the chances are big that the software will only be build for Windows (as OS/2 experienced in the nineties, they supported Windows too, making sure that almost no OS/2 apps were build, which made them irrelevant).

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That’s where multi platform frameworks come in (or web based programs).
Like UNO for .Net and the UnifiedGUi that I am developing.
One source - multiple OSses.

If you want complete native rendering: yes, that means multiple sources - and not all software makers will go for that.

The same GUI on any OS - I think this is the future. If you like that or not.

So CAD Software Vendors decided that there is no Apple Version anymore and others are also on the way. If Apple becomes exclusive again they have a to small user base for production. They had this time already and came out with opening their technology stack to x86 technology. Whatever, I am Java programmer, for me it is no problem to deploy on M1 platform, X86 platform and on Windows and Linux platforms. Whereever Java runs my Software will also. But Xojo can not Build until now for M1 CPU, isn’t it so?

Recent releases claim support for the BS on the M1
There are some caveats like XojoScript has issues - I dont know specifics

Look in Feedback. XojoScript for Apple Silicon is implemented.

lets just say that there are several new things that have been implemented that I have filed numerous bug reports about
linear & radial gradients (still)
line dashes

until its in my hands and I cant find more bugs its not “implemented”

Not just CAD. In 2019 we retired our line of Greetings Cards apps (since '98) because of the inability to generate money from it. To my surprise I find that Hallmark had already abandoned the Mac, in fact most of our competition were already gone.

I realize that Greetings Cards is a very specific market and has never been a truly profitable market, but it sad to see none the less.

As Apple promote what makes them money and all they care about is extracting more money from their loyalist, they’re wrecking their platforms, potentially to the point of no return.

before i upgrade to mojave, i use to use your Greetings Cards to create birthday card for Richard when i forgot to get him the real card

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Rosetta seems to do a good job in translating x86 to ARM. So may be that will be the foundation for VMware or also Parallels. VMware committed themselves for doing it:

Hope that helps :grinning:

And this here:

This would be an ARM version of Windows
And it may rely on MS supporting x86/x64 apps on ARM Windows

Parallels is also amazed by the news from Microsoft about adding support of x64 applications in Windows on ARM.
An Intel version of Windows running inside parallels would be great as there arent as many ARM versions of various software

This says that Microsoft is opening their ARM Windows for M1. Nothing else it means. That says: nearly no High level Pro App is running. ByeBye Mac. That’s it.

Anyhow it is so that that are two worlds. And opening the world was not made from Apple while it was so nice.

The real chance for X86 Emulation will not come up, apple has itself problems even with own apps. We filed already a big pile on error tickets to Apple because of that. Not all stuff is running like it should.

There will not be a parallels for X86 Windows, that is the Headlline it is giving out. So parallels is loosing it’s commercial power over the time.

I’m running the Parallels beta on my M1 MacBook Air and not only does it run Windows/ARM fine, I haven’t found any x86 or x64 software that does not work just fine, via the translation later provided by Windows/ARM (its not quite as smooth and fast as Rosetta 2 is for Mac-native Intel apps on Arm, but works very well nonetheless.

FWIW, but this seems to be unnecessary “the sky is falling” panic, to me.

I tried with Shark Pro on Mac and it was not running. The MAC Version is also not running on Mac. I tried with a few apps more and guess what: they are also not running. Standard is running but hard core open GL not.