Pairing Xcode and AppleTV

This is supposed to be a “simple” process.

I can get Xcode to see the ATV… .and I get the [Pair] button. Click on it, and it asks for the code (which appears on the ATV screen). I enter that code, and click [Connect], a few seconds later the [Pair] button appears again.

Every few hundred times I try this, it seems to work, and I can send Xcode apps to the ATV… but then an hour or so later, I will send a project to the ATV, and BOOM! it unpairs and vanishes, then I’m back to spending a few hours trying to make it work yet again

Anyone know a magic spell here?

Not sure if this is the solution or not… but it seems that the ATV was on a 2.4g Wifi siginal, and Xcode was on a 5g (same Lan, same router)… I switch ATV to the 5g and things work (for now)

The remaining problem, is when the ATV goes to sleep (20 min inactive), it unpairs itself

dont they have a setting for how long a delay until they sleep ?
and maybe a never sleep one?

Yes, and I just set it to “Never” for the time being…

But I don’t recall it “forgetting” before

Your amnesia ?
Or the ATVs ?


Hi Dave,
Many devices only pair successfully at 2.4
Why not try setting both to that?
Good luck

actually the ATV was 2.4 and the mac was 5 both are at 5 now, and the issue has vanished…

It does need to re-pair each time I power it up, but that is just a minor annoyance